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Kindle Unlimited KENP Payout for July 2017 – KDP Payout Trend Report

The KENP per page payout rate for July 2017 is $0.00403472

Down by 4.5% from June’s KENPC per page payout which was $0.00422.

Here’s the KENPC per page payout trend for the over the past year:

To understand the whole picture, we also have to look at KDP Select’s Global Fund:


The KDP Select Global Fund has been on a very consistent upward trend which tells us that things are going well in terms of Kindle Unlimited & KOLL subscribers and the revenue generated from these programs. Despite this, however, the KENP per page payout rates have been steadily going in the opposite direction.

Part of this could possibly be explained by self-publishers with not-so-good intentions who have been playing the system, finding loopholes in Amazon’s eBook borrowing system to increase their KENP payout.

This may be a very good reason not to abandon hope and to hang tight, since Amazon recently released the third iteration of KENPC which could have the necessary ingredients that will help to turn the tide back in the opposite direction.

What’s your plan of action in response to the latest developments in KDP Select?