We’re here to help you succeed
in self-publishing

Started in 2016 and launched in 2017, wordwave is a resource
and a community for people that want to:

  • Start an indie publishing business and create an online income stream for themselves
  • Become self-published authors and leverage that to build their own business
  • Use publishing platforms to expand their online reach and audience

Hey! I’m Tomass Sarts,
the founder of this site

The Story

In search of greater freedom, back in 2013, I decided to produce and publish my first eBook (a lemon recipe book). Although commercially it was a miss and was not successful, deciding to create and publish that eBook was one of the best choices I’ve made so far. Since then I have managed to create an online publishing business by successfully leveraging the self-publishing platforms that are available to everyone today.

This has allowed me to have a lot more choices in my life, to live a life of much more freedom. More specifically, one of game changing choices that I gained was travelling. Lots of it.

The reason why I decided to create this site, this brand – wordwave, was to empower more people with the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully use the self-publishing platforms which now are available to everyone with a decent computer and internet connection. I felt the urge to give something back to the community that gave me so much and I believed I could create a business that leaves a positive impact doing that.
The “little guy” (you and I) is gaining more & more choices and opportunities. And I want to help you seize them and get the most out of them!

When it comes down to it, if this is the right path for you and you’re willing to put in the time and effort you CAN create a publishing business, you CAN become a self-published author, you CAN live a more freeing life and life CAN be that much more enjoyable!

Does all of this sound reeeally optimistic? Yes, probably.
Is it too good to be true? Certainly not.

But… exactly how can wordwave help YOU? 

I’ve spent hours upon hours learning, testing and implementing various tactics, strategies and tools. I have gone through most courses out there on self-publishing, learning from different industry experts. From continuously testing, tinkering and making mistakes I have learned plenty about the ins and outs related to this industry.

I as well as other highly knowledgeable contributors will be sharing our know-how, lessons learned, things that have worked for us as well as useful resources here on this site.
From priceless marketing advice and technical skills all the way to more philosophical aspects, we have you covered.

Also, we strive to not only give you the tactics that work today but also to give you a deeper understanding, the “why” behind everything (you won’t be finding any “secret ninja hacks” here). That way you will be much more empowered to make your own decisions whatever your specific case is and when any changes occur (on one of the platforms, for example) you won’t be lost.

Specifically, you’ll get:

Alright, enough chatter! I’ve made some big promises here, I better go make sure they are delivered.


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 If you haven’t already, I invite you to grab a free copy of The 7 Pillars of Self-Publishing Bestselling Books.


See you around!